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Protective Door Industries, or commonly referred to as PDI, is the established leader of steel door systems, window units and armored defensive positions for special purpose applications requiring:

  • Blast Resistance
  • Pressure Resistance
  • Missile and Tornado Resistance
  • High Threat Level Security
  • Bullet and Attack Resistance
  • Airtight Conditions
  • Gastight Conditions
  • Watertight Conditions
  • Sound Control
  • Oversize Industrial Usage
  • and Other Special Purpose Requirements.

Manufactured at our Harvey, Illinois, USA plant under the brand name Sonicbar®, all assemblies are engineered to be as lightweight as possible, solidly constructed, afford maximum durability and sustain a long service life. PDI listens to our clients’ needs and continuously re-evaluates and renovates the product line to fulfill any request and more.

Penetration Door

PDI’s Sonicbar® pre-engineered and custom door and window models include:
Blast / Pressure / Missile / Tornado Resistant Door Assemblies
Large / Oversize Sound Control Doors and Window Assemblies
▪ DB-100 Very Low Range Blast Door
▪ DB-100-Ss Low Range Stainless Steel Blast Door
▪ DB-100-Sl Low Range Blast Sliding Door
▪ DB-200 Low To Mid-Range Blast Door
▪ DB-200-Sl Low To Mid-Range Blast Sliding Door
▪ DB-200-Vl Low To Mid-Range Blast Vertical Sliding Door
▪ DB-10 Mid-Range Blast Door
▪ DB-X-1 Mid-Range Blast Door
▪ DB-50 High Range Blast Door
▪ DB-X High Range Blast Door
▪ DB-150 Nominally Airtight Door
▪ DW Watertight Door
▪ DA-100 Airtight Door Or Pressure Tight Door
▪ DS4-46F 46 STC Acoustical Door With Flush Sill
▪ DS4-48l 48 STC Acoustical Door With Low Sill
▪ DS4-50F 50 STC Acoustical Door With Flush Sill
▪ DS4-50FS 50 STC Acoustical Door With Flush Sill
▪ DS4-52L 52 STC Acoustical Door With Low Sill
▪ DS4-50-SL 50 STC Acoustical Horizontal Sliding Door
▪ DS6-61L 55 To 61 STC Acoustical Door With Low Sill
▪ DS6-63L 55 To 61 STC Acoustical Door With Low Sill
▪ WS Acoustical Window Unit

Specifications and sample CAD drawings are offered on this web-site by clicking on the Blast / Pressure / Missile Chart or the Acoustical Selector Chart. And, more sample drawings are available by contacting PDI’s technical staff at PDI also fabricates doors and windows at custom sizes and ratings beyond the basic products listed. An analysis of each system is performed in-house, and if specified, blast analysis calculations or sound certification will be submitted for engineering review.

PDI’s products are usually specified under the following CSI MasterFormat™ categories:
Spec Section Category
08 30 00
Special Purpose Doors
08 39 53
Blast, Pressure and Tornado Resistant Doors and Windows
08 39 13
08 39 19
Airtight, Gastight and Watertight Doors
08 34 73
Sound Control Doors (Large, oversize)
08 56 73
Sound Control Windows (49 STC and higher)
08 11 00
Steel Doors and Frames (Custom having special properties)
08 34 19
Industrial Doors

Ballistic Barriers
DB-10   Blast Resistant Swing Door
Conventional standard size swing door configurations are available as well as oversize units, horizontal sliding and vertical lift. The door assemblies are normally manually operated but can be ordered with electric or pneumatic power. Along with a key cylinder, the swing doors can be prepared for card key or push plate access. PDI will also interface swing door hardware for push and go function or fully automated power operation to comply with ADA or NFPA 101 requirements for operating forces.

PDI also offers factory supervision or installation when requested.

In addition, PDI maintains an on-site spare / replacement parts inventory of Sonicbar® hardware for quick turnaround on all inquiries.

Let Protective Door Industries continue to earn your business and respect!
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