DB-X Dynamic Blast Door Test

PDI tested Sonicbar Model DB-X, a single swing blast resistant door using elastic plate design at BakerRisk (Baker Engineering and Risk Consultants) in San Antonio, TX, under pressures, durations  and impulses common to doors in petrochemical facilities with very successful results.

The door panel is hollow with a steel plate skin on the blast side and 12ga. face sheet on the protected (stop) side.  This blast door assembly contains one continuous hinge with a single-point latchset geared at reducing operational forces.  The frame is a 12ga. steel frame reinforced with angle stiffeners.

This door was anchored onto a shock tube test apparatus and subjected through a series of dynamic blast loads in the seating direction with these results:

  • PCPITC-4 loading of 4 PSI Pr peak reflected pressure for 80 msec. and given RL-I response rating.
  • PCPITC-6 loading of 6 PSI Pr peak reflected pressure for 80 msec. and given RL-I response rating.

The Response Category of RL-I denotes ‘Undamaged’ where the door, hardware and frame have NO permanent deformation and the door remains fully operable. This door performed so well that It was retested that same day under PCPITC-8 loading conditions with similar results.

This dynamic blast door construction is a practical solution due to its’ many benefits to the end-user:

  • Lighter and thinner door construction
  • Single-point latchset (if possible) with reduced operational forces to meet NFPA 101
  • Operable after blast load
  • Very durable and sturdy door construction and hardware
  • The ultimate objective always to protect lives and property

Sample drawings of the DB-X door and variations of it are given on the Blast/Pressure/Missile Chart under DB-X Mid-range and DB-X High range.



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