Airtight, Gastight and Watertight Doors and Windows

Airtight/Gastight Doors

Sonicbar® pressure-tight and fume-tight doors are engineered to assure sealing and reliable operations under conditions requiring either low or high pressure environments.

Exclusive Sonicbar® sealing devices, precision hardware and door control systems solve environmental containment

  1. And assure minimal leakage against high pressure levels
  2. Or control fumes, contamination, air pollution and dirt infiltration under ambient or low pressure differential conditions.

Door performance varies with opening size, frame and seal design, door swing and hardware requirements. Leak tested under ASTM Standard E283-73T. Our design staff can advise you as to model specifications to meet your specific needs.

Watertight Doors

Sonicbar® watertight doors are engineered and fabricated to meet your specific requirements no matter how large the opening. Their construction assures rugged, reliable, and low maintenance service life.

These protective doors are available in bulkhead, hinged panel and vertical/horizontal sliding types to provide protection from flooding at the lowest possible cost.

Too bad the designers of the Titanic did not consult with us before constructing that poor doomed ocean liner!!!