Standard Hardware Functions

PDI’s swing door hardware is included on ALL blast and pressure resistant door units, airtight doors, 4” and 6” thick acoustical doors and heavy industrial type doors with special requirements. The doors are normally shipped with the mortise hardware installed and the surface mounted items packaged together to prevent damage. Due to the custom nature of the special purpose doors, PDI’s hardware cannot be purchased separately unless the request for replacement hardware is a PDI manufactured door system. With minimal maintenance, PDI’s hardware assemblies will last for many years.

Panic Bar

PDI’s very low range blast resistant door utilize heavy-duty builders’ hardware where PDI adds extra reinforcement to the latchset. Some manufacturers do not take this extra quality step and may jeopardize the integrity of their door systems. PDI certifies the whole assembly – the door panel, frame, anchorage, hinge and hardware – to protect lives and equipment against the occurrence of a blast explosion.

Lever Handle

PDI’s Sonicbar® SH-153 and SH-154 Series hardware is included in the low range and mid to high range blast and pressure resistant doors, 4” and 6” thick acoustical door systems and heavy industrial type assemblies. Stainless steel trim in US32D is the standard finish. Both SH-153 and SH-154 latching devices are usually furnished as fully concealed (operating mechanism within the door) or because of special requirements or door construction can be surface mounted.

Sonicbar® SH-153 Series horizontal latching devices are standard on single swing doors and active leaves of pairs. This device contains slam-action latch bolts and is usually specified to be self-closing (with door closer) and have automatic latching. The force required to operate the hardware is approximately 15 pounds, subject to the spring force required to insure that the latch bolts fully engage when the door is closed. Many functions are available, comparable to the most commonly specified functions of builders hardware. The SH-153 pre-engineered functions include latching, locking, exit bar operation and the equivalent of an electric strike.

Sonicbar Pad

Sonicbar® SH-154 Series vertical latching devices are standard with manually operated latch bolts. Due to limited demand, only certain basic builders hardware functions are available. The current SH-154 functions include manual latching, automatic latching and locking and exit bar operation. The SH-154 Series devices are normally used on the inactive leaf of pair of doors, but may be used on single doors and both leaves of pairs when required.

PDI’s hardware is normally supplied with lever handle trim. Refer to the following hardware functions or operating devices for other specific requirements. For additional functions, such as card reader prep, power-assisted operation, consult our main office.

Sonicbar® Hardware Nomenclature
P Panic or exit bar device 2 Two sides
C Cylinder L Deadlatch
SOL Solenoid D Deadlock
FB Flush bolts F Free handle (one side)
EO Exit only RB Round bolts
AL Automatic latching NET No exterior trim