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Blast and Pressure Resistant Review

Protective Door Industries (PDI's) blast resistant doors and windows assure blast protection and dependable service under critical conditions for interior or exterior environments including:
  • Chemical, paint or hazardous material storage rooms
  • Pharmaceutical facilities, college laboratories and other R & D areas
  • Bioscience and nanotechnology research buildings
  • Refineries, petrochemical and other industrial complexes
  • Nuclear power stations
  • Engine test cells
  • Ammunition depots, munitions storage facilities and arsenals
  • Missile tests and launch sites
  • And, numerous other applications.
Blast Doors and Blast Resistant Doors
To certify the swing door system, the blast door manufacturer must supply all components including the frame, anchorage, hinges, door panel and latching hardware. ALL of PDI's swing blast doors contain these essential items. Sliding doors are also furnished with the necessary equipment --- track and trolleys, hanging brackets, door panel and blast restraints.

Door models vary from 1 ¾" thk. for very low range with single-point latching (at swing doors) to steel plate construction for mid to high range blast loads with two-point or multi-point latching hardware. Door leaves are designed for practical solutions, to be as light as possible while allowing maximum protection. In addition, PDI's frames are factory prepared for masonry, concrete, expansion bolt or weld-in anchorage and shipped set-up and welded (or KD knock-down where shipping limitations mandate size for large units).
Various optional items or services include:
  • Door closers (required for Fire Labeled swing doors)
  • Weatherstripping and threshold arrangement
  • Vision panels
  • Power assisted operation
  • Transom panels
  • Stainless steel construction
  • RPE analysis calculations.
Window units are also available to provide penetration resistance to weapons or explosives. The frames are fabricated of formed or structural steel and furnished with the appropriate glazing material and thickness per the blast analysis.

To choose the product best suited to your needs, please consult the Establishing Blast Criteria page. The Selector Chart lists PDI's semi-custom door models each designed for a specific blast / pressure range. Consideration must be given to factors that impact the design such as static or dynamic load, seating or unseating direction, rebound percentage, exposure area, pressure-time history, peak reflective pressure, etc. For corresponding maximum sizes available per opening or other design loads, consult the factory at the phone/fax numbers listed on this web-site or at

Additional notes:
Use of galvanized material is not compatible with all-welded steel door construction. Hold-open devices are discouraged on a blast resistant door. When not in use, the door must remain closed at all times.

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