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Horizontal Sliding Doors
To save floor space usualloy required by conventional swing or hinged doors, PDI engineers horizontal sliding doors to meet your requirement, regardless of door opening size.

Sound retarding, blast and missile resistant, pressure-tight and radiation shielding protective systems are available. We can evan build a plain-old-door®!

Larger openings utilize the exclusive Auro_air Seal System. In smaller openings with lower protective criteria, the Sonicbar® Slide-Seal system is used. These doors are operated either manually or by optional power systems. For complete information, please contact us.
Horizontal Sliding Door
Vertical Lift Sliding Doors Vertical Sliding Doors
Designed for small or large openings where adequate headroom permits, Sonicbar® Vertical Lift Sliding Doors are available in sound retarding, blast and missile resistant, pressure tight and radiation shielding units. These doors provide maximum protection in a minimal wall and floor area.

Usually counter-weighted and power operated, an optional personnel pass door is available. Larger openings are sealed by the exclusive Sonicbar® Auto-Air Seal System. For smaller openings the Sonicbar® Wedge Seal System may be used.
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